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Tailored Support and Innovative Education


Founded in 2024, Poppy & Co. is a testament to resilience and hope, inspired by my personal journey through a missed miscarriage and the joyful arrival of my rainbow baby, Poppy.

Its about a Holistic approach to health & healing, education & living! 


What has brought you here sweetheart?

There is 3 paths for you here xx

Innovative Pregnancy Loss Courses 


Pregnancy Loss Parent Support


Innovative Homeschool by design education



Our Mission and Values

At Poppy & Co., we believe in the power of holistic, innovative education to transform lives.

We understand the unique challenges that come with pregnancy loss, parenting after loss, and the journey of educating and nurturing children.

We are here to support you through:

  • Pregnancy loss: Offering compassionate guidance and understanding for those navigating the heartache of loss.
  • Parenting and parenting after loss: Providing resources and community for those continuing their parenting journey while honoring the children they've lost.
  • Parenting living children while grieving: Helping you find balance and strength as you care for your living children while mourning those gone too soon.
  • The child education journey: Empowering parents with tools and knowledge to support their children's educational growth and self-discovery.

 Why Poppy & Co.?

If you are here, it’s because you have tried everything else and looked everywhere else.

You are in the right place. We understand your struggles and are committed to offering the support and solutions you need.

Here’s why we stand out:

  • We are Innovative: Our approaches are fresh, creative, and tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • We are Bridging Gaps in Healthcare & Education: We connect the dots between emotional support and practical education, ensuring a holistic approach.
  • We are Changing the Future: By focusing on healing and growth, we aim to create a better future for you and your children.


At Poppy & Co., you are not alone.

We are a community of individuals who have walked similar paths and are here to offer support, understanding, and encouragement.

We believe that when we choose to see ourselves and our experiences, we can truly help future generations and guide our children to deeply know themselves too.

Welcome to Poppy & Co.

– where compassion meets innovation, and where your journey towards healing and growth begins. We are honoured to be part of your story.

Welcome Beautiful Soul,


Our journey began with trying to conceive (TTC) for 5 years. In 2017, we experienced a missed miscarriage, a heart-wrenching loss that deeply affected us. However, in 2018, we were blessed with our rainbow baby, a beacon of hope and joy in our lives.

In 2020, inspired by my experiences and the need for comprehensive support, I founded the Institute of Healing Through Pregnancy Loss. This institute provides holistic support for pregnancy loss and offers the Pregnancy Loss & Trauma Informed Certification to equip others with the knowledge and skills to support those going through similar experiences.

In 2024, I started homeschooling my daughter and realized there was a significant need for holistic support in this area as well. This realization led to the expansion of my mission to encompass innovative education and support for parents navigating the complexities of parenting, loss, and child education.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.


Hi, I'm Sharna

I am a Loss Mum, a Rainbow Mum, a Trauma-Informed Coach, and a Pregnancy Loss Practitioner. My journey through loss and the joy of welcoming my rainbow baby has shaped my passion for bridging the gap in the current support system for mums. I understand firsthand the challenges and heartaches that come with pregnancy loss and the unique joys and difficulties of parenting after such an experience.

Here, I want to show you what is available outside 'THE NORM'. My goal is to offer alternative, holistic support that goes beyond traditional methods. Everything I share is through my lived experience, growth, and development.

Each time I identify a gap or an area needing improvement in my own life or experiences, I seek to teach others what I’ve learned. My mission is to ensure that no one feels alone on their journey. I aim to take the overwhelm out of navigating loss, parenting, and education for you.

What You Can Expect

  • Lived Experience: I share insights and lessons learned from my personal journey, providing a relatable and empathetic perspective.
  • Holistic Growth: By integrating emotional, mental, and practical support, I help you navigate your path with more ease and confidence.
  • Empowerment: I strive to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and advocate for yourself and your children.
  • Community and Support: You are not alone. Here, you will find a community of understanding and compassionate individuals ready to support you.

I believe that awareness and informed decision-making are key to overcoming challenges and advocating effectively for yourself and your family. Together, we can navigate this journey, bridging gaps and creating a more supportive environment for all mums.

Welcome to Poppy & Co., where my passion for healing and innovative education is dedicated to helping you thrive. 

The two directions of Poppy & Co.

The Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss


The Institute of Healing Through Pregnancy Loss was founded in 2021 &  provides a transformative approach to dealing with pregnancy loss, emphasising holistic healing methods.

This innovative institution supports individuals and healthcare professionals with comprehensive training and resources that focus on emotional, physical, and psychological recovery.

By integrating the five foundational pillars—Emotional Literacy, Neuro-Reprogramming, Identity Reconnection, Trauma Informed Care, and Nervous System Optimization—the Institute ensures that every aspect of healing is addressed, fostering a deeper understanding and more effective management of pregnancy loss trauma.

This approach not only aids in personal recovery but also equips professionals to offer empathetic, informed, and effective care, truly changing the landscape of support available to those experiencing the challenges of pregnancy loss.

Inside the IHPL, I can also support you in Parenting your living children while you are navigating the heavy grief of loosing a baby.


Parenting & Homeschool by Design


Parenting by Design offers a unique and personalised approach to raising children by integrating Human Design principles into the parenting and homeschooling journey.

This method acknowledges and honours the individuality of each child, tailoring parenting strategies and educational practices to their specific needs, energy types, and learning styles.

By obtaining detailed Human Design charts, parents gain insights into their own and their child's unique energetic blueprints, allowing for the development of customised homeschooling plans that align with the child's natural energy rhythms.

This approach balances academic instruction with emotional and social growth, fostering a nurturing environment that supports the child's overall development. Parenting by Design equips parents with practical tools and resources, enabling them to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

The program emphasises the importance of managing energy, setting boundaries, and fostering independence and creativity in children. By understanding and leveraging a child's Human Design, parents can enhance engagement, increase satisfaction, and support holistic development, leading to well-rounded and confident individuals.


Not sure what is right for you?

Connect with me. I am ready to guide you through this next chapter in your life. 

Sharna xx